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Space Law

MM&J is one of the few law firms that have experience in space law.

Space Shuttle Columbia Accident

In 2003, Space Shuttle Columbia was destroyed upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere over Texas and Louisiana in a disaster that claimed the lives of all seven of its crew. Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's of London provided property insurance to a space contractor whose property was destroyed while on board the orbiter. Underwriters selected MM&J to enforce their subrogation rights. Despite the challenges and complexity of this action, a satisfactory recovery was obtained on behalf of our client. 

Ford Aerospace v. McDonnell Douglas

Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's and Companies of the Institute of London Underwriters selected MM&J to prosecute a multi-million dollar subrogation claim on behalf of Ford Aerospace (now Space Systems/Loral). This case involved damage to a Ford Aerospace telecommunications satellite, which was built for the government of India. A pre-launch crane incident occurring on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida, resulted in substantial damage to the satellite. The litigation, involving the Commercial Space Launch Act and venued in Federal District Court in Orlando, Florida, resulted in the negotiation of a substantial recovery on behalf of our client. 

Lockheed Martin v. U.S. Air Force

We were retained by the Recoveries Group of Lloyd's Claim Office (now Xchanging Claims Services) to advise them about the prospects of a possible subrogration claim against the United States Air Force. This matter involved water damage at Vandenberg Air Force Base by two segments of solid rocket motor upgrades for Titan IV launch vehicles manufactured by Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin). MM&J was able to quickly evaluate the recovery opportunity, which ultimately did not result in litigation, saving Lloyd's substantial potential fees and costs. 

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