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Aviation Accident Defense

Since 1984, MM&J has handled the defense of aviation accident cases involving a wide variety of aviation subjects. Two of our attorneys are pilots- and Garry Montanari holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering, previously working for NASA and Northrop. As a result of the significant number of aviation accident defense cases defended by our firm, we are very familiar with the practices and procedures of accident investigation by the FAA and the NTSB.

Often involving multiple deaths, serious injuries, and/or extensive extensive property damage, we have defended cases involving:

  • Aircraft Manufacturers

  • Engine Manufacturers

  • Aviation Component Manufacturers

  • Airports

  • Part 135 Operators

  • Avionics Repair Stations

  • Crop Dusters

  • Hot Air Balloon Owners/Operators

  • Pilots and Certified Flight Instructors

  • Airport Fuel Providers

  • Helicopter Operators

  • Fixed Based Operators

  • Powerplant Overhaul Repair Stations

  • A&P Mechanics

  • Private Airport Security Providers

  • Flying Clubs

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