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COVID-19 Suits Begin

The first of undoubtedly many coronavirus (COVID-19) suits was filed Monday in federal court in Los Angeles against Princess Cruise Lines LTD. Florida couple Ronald and Eva Weissberger said they never would have boarded the Grand Princess cruise ship had they been informed of the coronavirus risk from an infected passenger. The complaint asks for more than $1 million in damages.

Their lawsuit alleges that Princess Cruise Lines did not take adequate precautionary measures to keep passengers safe, despite knowing that one of its passengers from a prior voyage had been exhibiting symptoms of the virus. The infected passenger continued to sail along with the 3,000 other passengers. In doing so, the lawsuit alleges that the corporation chose to place their “profits over the safety of its passengers, crew and the general public in continuing to operate business as usual, despite their knowledge of the actual risk of injury to Plaintiffs”.

The Complaint states causes of action for negligence and gross negligence, the latter likely being alleged to circumvent some release language.


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